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Indian Chana Masala

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Chana masala, also known as channay, chole masala, chole or chholay, is a dish originating from the Indian subcontinent. The main ingredient is a variety of chickpea called chana or kala chana. They are twice the diameter of typical chickpeas with a stronger flavour and firmer texture even after being cooked

This is a main course cuisine. This recipe is a contribution from our affiliate Ms. Seema Shastri.

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firstly, in a cooker heat oil / butter. using more oil makes dhaba style chole masala.

  • saute bay leaf, cinnamon stick and cumin seeds till they turn aromatic.
  • also add finely chopped onions and ginger-garlic paste. saute till it turns golden brown.
  • add tomatoes and saute till they start releasing oil
  • further, add chilli powder, turmeric, coriander powder, cumin powder, amchur powder, garam masala and salt. saute for a minute.
  • then add soaked chickpea / canned chickpeas. make sure to soak chickpea overnight if its not canned chickpeas.
  • further add 2 cups of water. add more water if you like it to be more gravy.
  • give a good mix. and check the seasonings. make sure the masala water to be slightly salty as chole will absorb while cooking.
  • pressure cook for 7-8 whistles on medium flame.
  • allow the pressure to release by itself before opening the cooker.
  • squeeze lemon and mix well. garnish with coriander leaves.
  • finally, serve hot with poori / chapati / bhatura/ naan
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