Fresh Sweet Mangoes (Dominican mango) - 2Kgs

Golden, Sweet, Ripe mangoes

Mangoes will be dispatched between Monday and Thursday. This is to ensure that the mangoes stay fresh and in perfect condition.

Shipped separately! 

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Fresh Sweet Mangoes (Dominican mango) - 2Kg

Brand- GG

About the Product- Mango is derived from evergreen tropical trees. The juicy mango fruit has a rich flavor and aroma that summons thoughts of sultry breezes and sunny climate.

Recipe- Mango Kulfi

Add 1.5 cups whole milk, sweetened condensed milk (200 grams or 200 ml) and 1 cup chopped mangoes in a blender jar. Blend everything until smooth. Then add ½ cup cream. You can include light cream, heavy cream or whipping cream. Sprinkle the cardamom powder and crushed saffron. Blend again until the cream is mixed well. Pour the kulfi mixture in kulfi moulds or small bowls. Cover tightly with a lid or seal with aluminium foil and keep in the freezer for 6 to 8 hours for the kulfi to set. To remove the kulfi, place the moulds under running water for some seconds or rub them between your palms. With a butter knife, gently remove the kulfi. Then slice it on a chopping board. Serve mango kulfi slices In bowls or plates, sprinkled with cardamom powder or crushed saffron.

Storage- To retain freshness and flavor, store it in a refrigerator.

Note :

1. To maintain the quality of the mangoes, we ship mangoes from Monday to Thursday(Wednesday for orders outside Germany). Please expect a slight delay in delivery if a public holiday falls during the dispatch/delivery period.

2. When your mangoes arrive, you may notice that they appear green. They could remain green even after they've ripened. Please store your mangoes in a warm and dry place for one or two days and they'll be ready to eat.

3. As per our expert suppliers, mangoes can survive a transit time of four to five days before they're ready to be consumed. Customers from outside of Germany please check the transit time before adding mangoes to your cart. 

4. Please remove your mangoes as soon as possible from their main box upon receipt.

5. If in case you receive mangos that are spoiled, please attach photos while creating a ticket with our customer service team. We will refund for the quantity which is spoiled.

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