TRS Phool Makhana - 50 g

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TRS And Natco Phool Makhana - 50 g

Brand : TRS

About the Product: 

Phool Makhane are popped, puffed lotus seeds.

- They can be used in a variety of ways - in kheer, panjiri, with khoya etc.
- They are also used in salty curries.
- Phool makhane can be lightly toasted in oil with salt and spices to make a popcorn-style salty snack.

Health Benefits
- They are rich in calcium, and protein and low in calories and fat.
- They are believed to be good for the kidneys and heart.
- Phool makhane are light and easy to digest.
- They contain flavonoids which control free radicals in the body.
- They are considered good for diabetics.
- Phool makhane contain antioxidants. 

Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.

Storage Instructions:

 Keep away from sunlight.


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Phool Makhana is the blown seed of the Lotus plant. It looks like a little popcorn.

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