Atta - Aashirvaad Sugar Release Control - 5kg

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Atta - Aashirvaad Sugar Release Control - 5kg

Brand: Aashirvaad

About the product:

Sugar Release Control Atta is a blend of whole wheat flour and pulse and legume flours forming a unique "Natural Grain Mix". Ingredients like oats and methi ensure that this Atta is high in protein and fibre with a Low Glycemic Index. It releases its sugar slowly in the body and thus helps in preventing sugar level spikes


- It can used to prepare staple Indian fresh flat breads - the soft, round rotis, hot butter naans, ghee-rich parathas and crispy puris, etc. 
- It is also a key ingredient in certain types of snacks (like 'Mathri') and some desserts like Atte ka Halwa (whole wheat halwa). 
- It is an ingredient in dishes like the South Indian Rava Dosa.

Basic Recipe: Making Puris: Puris are usually eaten with chickpeas and/or potato curry. The puri dough is similar to that of roti, except that it is made with less water and kneaded harder. Take the required quantity of atta, and knead well with water added at regular intervals. The final dough comes clean off the container that you are kneading it in. Make small balls and roll them out (coat with dry atta powder when needed). Then fry in hot oil on both sides. Serve hot with pickle and raita as accompaniments.

Tip: While kneading the dough you can add crushed kasuri methi, ajwain and salt to give the puri a different flavour.


Store away from humidity.

Health Benefits:
- Atta contains dietary fibre, protein and is considered a good laxative
- Wheat flour contains several nutrients like magnesium, zinc copper etc.

- It improves the metabolism  

- Controls sugar level

-Low GI

Nutritional Value:

Per 100 g

Energy (kcal)- 371

Protein (g)- 16.5

Carbohydrates (g)- 71.6

Sugars (g)-4.3

Fats (g)- 2.0

Dietary Fiber (g)- 16.5

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Ingredients- Whole Wheat Flour, Multigrain Flour Mixture ( Defatted Soya Flour, Bengal Gram Flour, Oat Flour, Psyllium Husk Powder, Maize Flour) and Fenugreek Powder (Methi)

Allergens- Wheat, Chickpea, Fenugreek, Maize

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