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Vegan Vegetable Omelette/ Besan Chilla

Posted on3 Years ago

Vegan Vegetable Omelette/ Besan Chilla or besan cheela is a savory Indian pancake recipe made with gram flour (besan), onions, tomatoes, herbs and spices. You can add your favorite grated vegetables to make these more nutritious, and serve as a quick breakfast, brunch, or even as a late-night snack.


Yield: 5 servings

Prep time:10 minutes

Total time: [10+20minutes]


  1. [Chickpeas Flour(Erbsen Mehl] [1.5 bowls Chickpeas Flour ] 
  2. [2 grated Carrots, some chopped beans, chopped green chilies and chopped onions] you can use any vegetables of your choice. 
  3. [Turmeric] | [1 small spoon] 
  4. [Salt, pepper, mixed herbs]


Add water to chickpeas flour and whisk well. The consistency shouldn’t be too thick or thin. You can add 4 table spoons of yogurt too but I usually do not use it as am Vegan. Add all grated and chopped vegetables, salt, spices, turmeric and pepper. Mix well. On a hot flat pan, spread about two big spoons of water. Shape into a big circle. Apply some oil (if your pan is non-stick, it is better to apply oil before pouring the batter) and cook really well on both sides. Be careful about the heat, your omelet could be burnt if the pan it too hot.Serve with butter or any dip of your choice.

Special Diet Information

Chickpeas flour is high on fiber and proteins which is extremely good for diabetics. It is gluten free too. It is very nutritious, healthy and easy recipe which will keep you full for long. Using chickpeas flour for different recipes can aid weightloss as its high in fiber and protein.

Author Information

Submitted by: Dr. Rajni Sharma

Location: Dresden, Germany

About: I am Mathematics teacher by profession and fitness enthusiast, cook and baker by passion. I post healthy, easy and quick vegan/vegetarian recipes on my facebook and Instagram pages. I also publish podcasts where I talk about tips to reduce weight and stay fit.

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