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Earthen Pot - 1pc

Premium Earthenware

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Earthen Pot

Premium Earthenware with a free consultation with our Health Coach. For more information please reach out to our customer service. 

Brand: Black Pearl

About the product: Get Grocery proudly introduces BlackPearl Premium Earthenware, a treasure from our history for slow, traditional, and nostalgic cooking. It allows us to prepare nutrient-dense and delicious food cooking in a moist environment. We want to bring back the old cooking tradition into the modern lifestyle to help you optimize your health, as well as the health of future generations.

Dimensions : 

Capacity: 2.8L

Diameter: 21cm

Why should I care for slow cooking? 

-     reduced loss of essential nutrients during cooking, keeps the texture of food intact.  

-     The lid as a condenser helps to maintain a natural cycle of steam and condensation cycle enhancing taste and retaining minerals and vitamins

What is unique compared to my existing home Utensils? How is it different from other earthenware pots?

-     Free of chemicals associated with cancer and hormonal disorders such as PFA’s/Forever chemicals invented during the industrial age (about 80 years ago) for non-stick properties.

-     Retains heat and provides even heat distribution, cooks gently compared to metals. Unlike cast iron, it does not react with acidic food (tomatoes and similar) leading to a metallic taste.  

-     It is traditionally handmade with extensive trials on materials for increased durability and taste of the food. Solid investment in your own health instead of spending 300-400Euro/Month eating out with no control of ingredients! 

-     Premium design, with porous layers for handling thermal shocks compared to industrial earthenware with fine clay, and high-temperature firing. 

What is it best suited for? I do not have a gas stove, can I still use it?

-     For meat lovers who enjoy cooking quality meat on the bone, making its own mouth-watering juice from slow cooking with enhanced flavour 

-     Also to preserve micronutrients from vegetables. 

-     Compatible with hot plate, hot plate with glass top, gas, open fire and even induction with an adapter plate

What about the efforts? And Cleaning? What should I keep in mind?

-     As easy as throwing all the ingredients in the pot, and BOOM, delicious finger-licking good food is ready!

-     It should never be thrown in a dishwasher or cleaned with soap! Use just water, and when necessary baking soda, and vinegar!

How does BlackPearl contribute to sustainability? 

-     We use reused cardboard for packaging to do our part for the environment. And suggest alternative ways to reuse the pot giving it a second life, like table lamps, decorative tabletop for fruits/vegetables, growing plants, use in the garden, and artwork. Just ask us!   


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Earthen Pot

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