Dabur Amla Hair Oil - 100ml

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Dabur Amla Hair Oil - 100ml

Brand :

 Dabur Ltd.

About the Product:

 Anyone that has tried the Dabur Amla Hair Oil immediately appreciates its ability to help make your hair smoother, shinier and healthier. It quickly becomes an integral part of your hair care regimen because of its low price and visibly obvious effects.

The Dabur Amla Hair Oil works great for all hair types, straight or curly, long or short, prone to oiliness or dryness.

Storage Instructions: 

It can be easily stored at room temperature for a period of 3 years. Keep away from sunlight.


Amla (Emblica officinalis) – hair nourishment & hair fall Vegetable Oils – natural source of Vitamin E, nourishes the scalp, protects from dehydration. Paraffinum Liquidum , Canola Oil, Palm Glycerides, Emblica Officinals (Amla) Extract in Canola Oil, Fragance, t-Butyl Hydroquinone (Anti oxidant), Colors: D&C: Yellow No.10, Green No.6, Red No.17


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