SSL certificate

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is an industry standard technology that offers a secured connection between the user and the company website.

It ensures confidentiality of sensitive customer information like credit card details, bank details and login information by transmitting them securely. All the transactions done at Get Grocery are secured and protected using SSL.

encrypts the data being transmitted so that only the user’s computer and the secure server are able to recognize it. Secure encryption safeguards the data from hackers preventing them from accessing it to change its route or content.

How SSL works:
1.    An external company checks and validates the credentials of the service provider and issues a security certificate.
2.    Two keys are generated – public (available to all) & private key (held by the service provider). The information generated by the public key can only be opened with the private key, making the site secure.
3.    In other words, when a user opens the website and enters sensitive information a sealed, secured connection is formed between the user’s computer and the service provider.
4.    The information is processed on the user’s computer, encrypted and sent to the service provider. Only the company will be able to read the information using this certificate.
5.    The data remains integral and cannot be used by or shared with any external party.



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