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Now earn each time you shop! Collect GG Cash Points each time you shop and then redeem them for your next shopping.

Every purchase of yours will bring you even more advantages through our GGCASH program. So while GGCASH adds up to your account, read more about how you can redeem them.

What is GGCASH? how do I collect them?

The GGCASH program is our way of thanking you for choosing to shop with us. GGCASH is awarded on the total value of the order, excluding shipment.

Existing customer - You will start earning GGCASH on every purchase subsequent to the launch of the scheme. They will automatically start adding up to your account.

New Customer - After you register with us on our site, every subsequent purchase will earn you GGCASH

How much GGCASH do I earn on a purchase?

For every full Euro spent you get one GGCASH added to your account. So on a purchase of 100€ worth of groceries, you get 100 GGCASH.

How much is GGCASH worth when Redeemed?

When you shop for 100€ you get 100 GGCASH which will be worth 2 €. So basically it is 2% of your spend on our website. 50 GGCASH = 1€

How do I check my GGCASH?

Log into your account and click on 'My GGCASH'.

How do I Redeem GGCASH?

GGCASH for the current order cannot be immediately redeemed and will appear in the account only after the purchase has been completed.

To redeem your GGCASH, Create a Voucher and use the code at the time of checkout. If the order value is lesser than the voucher value, the balance amount will be saved in a new voucher for later use.

Validity of GGCASH

GGCASH expires in 365 days.

Can GGCASH be transferred?

GGCASH cannot be transferred to a friend or another account. They will expire once an account has been deactivated.

Will I earn GGCASH on the shipment price too?

No. GGCASH cannot be collected on shipment cost.

Will I earn GGCASH on items on sale?

Yes. You earn GGCASH on items that are on sale as well, giving you a double benefit on each euro spent!



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