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Roasted Red Rice Flour (Annam) - 1kg

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Red rice is a fibrous, nutty flavoured rice that is considered highly nutritious as it is a wholegrain. The bran, germ and endosperm are left intact. This Annam flour has been prepared by grinding red rice.

Health Benefits
- It is rich in fibre, iron and low on fat
- It is considered good for diabetics
- It contains antioxidants and vitamins and is a healthy addition to your diet.

Regular rice flour is supplemented with red rice flour to make Indian breads. Here are some ways of using rice flour.

Recipe 1: ‘Puttu’ is a steamed rice dish from Kerala, usually prepared with white rice. Red rice flour can also be used to up the nutritional quotient. The red rice flour is first wet gradually with water and mixed till it becomes crumbly. It is then wrapped in a cloth and steamed for 15 minutes. This steamed rice flour is then mixed with sugar and coconut and served hot.

Recipe 2: It can also be stirred into boiled water and kneaded into a dough with a little oil. You can then roll it into small balls and flatten it with your fingers into circles on a grease-proof sheet. Drop it onto a pan with the help of the sheet. Cook it well from both sides with ghee or butter.

Red Rice Flour

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Roasted Red Rice Flour (Annam) - 1kg

Roasted Red Rice Flour (Annam) - 1kg


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