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Top op Dried Curry Leaves - 25g

Flavourful seasoning

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Top Op Dried Curry Leaves

Brand: Top Op

About the product:

Curry leaves are the main seasoning ingredient in many south Indian dishes. They have a delicious, earthy, nutty aroma and taste and are used in combination with mustard seeds and asafetida to season a dish. Curry leaves are used in dals, sambhar, chutneys, lemon rice, coconut rice, and dry vegetable dishes like potatoes, raw bananas, cabbage, and beans. Just 8-10 leaves are required to season and they fill the kitchen with a heavenly and enticing fragrance!

Curry leaves can be added to buttermilk along with asafetida and fresh coriander leaves to make an easy and refreshing drink.


Keep away from humidity. 

Health Benefits
Not only do they make the dish irresistibly appetizing, curry leaves bring with them many benefits.
- They are rich in fibre, calcium, phosphorous, Vitamin A, B, E, antioxidants.
- They are especially beneficial for the hair and to prevent premature greying.
- Aid digestion
- Help fight diabetes
- Are considered good for eyesight

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Dried Curry Leaves

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