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Shan Tikka Seekh Kabab BBQ Mix - 50g

Shan Tikka Seekh Kabab Mix is a complete flavorsome solution for all your barbeque needs, be it chicken, beef or any other meat.

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Shan Tikka Seekh Kabab BBQ Mix - 50g

Brand: Shan

About the product:

This is a mix for spicy barbeque meat cubes and kababs.

Shan Recipe: Tikka Seekh Kabab
Serves 6 -8 

- Beef/Chicken/Mutton - 1 – 1½ kgs small thin cubes
- Garlic Paste -1 tablespoon
- Ginger Paste - 1 tablespoon
- Raw Papaya with skin - 1 cup finely sliced/200g
- Ghee/Butter melted - ½ cup / 75g for basting
- Shan Tikka Seekh Kabab BBQ Mix - One packet (use less for mild hot)

1. Mix Shan Tikka Seekh Kabab Masala in half a cup of water.
2. Add garlic, ginger, raw papaya, and apply to meat. Leave it to marinate for 3-4 hours.
3. Then remove the raw papaya slices. Sew the meat onto a thin round/ flat skewer. Place on very low heat coal / gas fire. Grill until very lightly browned.
4. Brush the meat with butter/ ghee and rotate the skewer to grill evenly on all sides until tender.
5. Serve hot.


Store away from humidity.

Nutritional Value- Serving size 10g

Calories- 30

Fat- 1g

Sodium- 1010mg

Total Carbohydrate- 3g

Dietary Fiber- 2g

Sugars- 1g

Protein- 1g

Vitamin A- 2%

Vitamin C- 2%

Calcium- 2%

Iron- 2%

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Red Chilli, Salt, Paprika, Coriander, Musk Melon, Ginger, Garlic, Black pepper, Star Aniseed, Dehydrated Onion, Long black pepper, All spice, Black Cumin, Bay Leaf, Green Cardamom, Citric Acid, Maltodextrin, Hydrolyzed soy protein, Cane sugar, Canola oil, Silicon2dioxide Dried Papaya powder.

Allergens- Garlic, Onion, Soy 

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