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Shan Seekh Kabab BBQ Blend - 50g (BBE : 01.01.2023)

Shan Seekh Kabab Mix helps you recreate the authentic buttery and tender Seekh Kababs at home.

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Shan Seekh Kabab BBQ Blend - 50g

Brand: Shan

About the product:

Shan Seekh Kabab BBQ Mix is used to prepare ground meat skewer kababs. Seekh Kebabs are made up of meat/chicken mince, mixed with different spices and threaded on shashlik sticks or metal skewers. It is a traditional preparation that is ideal for Asian barbeque parties.

Shan Recipe: Seekh Kabab

- Ground / Minced Meat (beef/chicken) - 1 kg, pound to fine paste
- Ghee/Butter or Suet – 200g
- Green chillies - 2 tbsp
- Onion - 1 medium, finely diced
- Cilantro / Fresh Coriander- 2 tbsp chopped
- Garlic paste – 2 tbsp
- Cooking oil – ½-1 cup
- Shan Seekh Kabab Masala Mix - 1 packet (use less for mild spice)

Cooking Instructions
1. Mix all the above ingredients except ghee/butter and run in a chopper for a minute. Leave aside for about 3 hours.
2. Mix ghee/butter (if suet is not mixed with the minced meat) and make small, round meat balls.
3. Thread each meat ball through a skewer. With a wet hand flatten the ground meat into a thin layer around each skewer.
4. Barbeque the Seekh Kabab on very low heat of coal fire or in an oven. Periodically turn the skewer until the kabab are light brown. Do not over grill/brown the kabab.
5. Serve hot with Shan Tamarind / BBQ / Green chutney or salad.


Store away from humidity.

Nutritional Value- Serving size 8g

Calories- 30

Fat- 2%

Sodium- 35%

Cholesterol- 0%

Carbohydrate- 1%

Dietary Fiber- 8%

Vitamin A- 4%

Vitamin C- 2%

Calcium- 2%

Iron- 4%

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Paprika, Red Chilli, Himalayan Pink Salt, Coriander, Musk Melon, Ginger, All Spice, Garlic, Black pepper, long Black Pepper, Cumin, Clove, Bay Leaf, Roasted Chick pea, Carom, Dried Papaya powder, Citric Acid, Maltodextrin, Sodium Phosphate, Hydrolyzed soy protein, Cane sugar, Canola oil, Silicondioxide (anticaking agent).

Allergens- Garlic, Chick pea

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