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MDH Bombay Biryani Masala - 100g

Adds a unique flavour to your favourite Biryani

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MDH Bombay Biryani Masala - 100g

Brand: MDH

About the product:

This is a mix of various spices such as black cumin, cardamom, fenugreek, red chilli, coriander seeds etc. that come together to give a delicious flavour to the popular rice and meat-curry dish. Bombay Biryani is a spicy Basmati rice dish layered with potatoes, chicken or lamb.


Store away from humidity.

Nutritional Value- Serving size 5g

Calories- 10.3

Fat- 0.4%

Cholesterol- 0mg

Sodium- 0.2%

Carbohydrate- 0.5%

Fibre- 2.7%

Protein- 0.7%

Vitamin A- 11%

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MDH Mix Ingredients
Salt, Coriander, Dried plums, Red chilli, Fennel ,Dehydrated unripe mango , musk melon, turmeric, cumin, cloves, cardamom seeds, Garlic, Black pepper, Green cardamom, Nutmeg, Mace

Allergen- Mango

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