Milk Powder - Maggi Coconut - 1kg

Made from the finest coconuts

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Milk Powder - Maggi Coconut - 1kg

Brand: Nestle

About the Product:

Milk Powder is made by drying milk, giving it a longer shelf life. It is used to prepare Indian sweets like Halwa and Burfi. This rich, pure powder can be mixed with water and added to curries to give them a creamy texture, different from that created by adding regular milk. It contains essential amino acids.


Maggi Coconut Milk Powder is making various Indian curries and soups, Thai curries and soups, Deserts, Cocktails, Mocktails, Smoothies, Cakes and Cookies.


Store away from direct sunlight and humidity.

Health Benefits:

1) Aids in weight loss

2) Rich in antioxidants

3) Rich in electrolytes

4) Prevents heart disease

5) Boosts immunity

Nutritional Value: (Per 100g)

Energy (kcal)- 658

Protein (g)- 5.6

Carbohydrate (g)-17.5

Total sugars (g)- 4.6

Sucrose (g)-4.1

Fiber (g)- 0.7

Total fat (g)-62.8

Sodium (mg)- 189.9

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Ingredients:- 100% Real Coconut Milk Powder

Allergens: Milk

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