Basmati Rice - Tilda Broken - Triple Pack - 3x10kg

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As the name suggests, Tilda’s Broken Basmati rice is a shorter, broken version of the pure basmati rice. It has the same delightful aroma, slightly nutty taste and delicate, fluffy grains that make it the ideal choice for a whole variety of rice recipes. It absorbs flavours easily and hence the taste of the dish is enhanced.

About Basmati Rice
Grown mostly in northern India and parts of Pakistan, for centuries Basmati rice has been the pride of India. The word ‘Basmati’ means ‘full of aroma’ or ‘fragrant’ in Hindi. True to its name, it is this delightful aroma that distinguishes Basmati rice from other rice. It is also said to be sweeter in taste. It is the preferred choice not only in the Indian subcontinent but also outside. 

Broken Basmati rice can be used to prepare
- Biryani (cooked with various vegetables and /or meat)
- Pulao ­(cooked with various vegetables)
- Sweet rice pudding or Kheer (with fruits, milk and ghee)
- Plain rice (served with lentils soup called dal or sambhar) 

Health Benefits
- Basmati rice is low in fat, cholesterol and sodium and is gluten-free
- It is rich in nutrients and natural fibre
- Rice protein is considered one of the highest quality proteins as it contains 8 essential amino acids
- Pure Basmati rice has low to medium glycemic index (GI) and it is believed that it does not cause too much fluctuation in blood sugar levels.

All Tilda products are free from artificial colours, flavouring and preservatives and are suitable for vegetarians.

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