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Swagat Red Lentils- 1Kg

Red split lentils

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Swagat Red Lentils

Brand: Swagat

About the product: Red lentils, also known as Masoor Dal or Lal Masoor, are split and skinned Whole Brown Lentils. They are pink when raw and turn golden or yellow when cooked with turmeric. This legume cooks faster than other dals and can also be prepared in a pot instead of in a pressure cooker. In this case, it has to be soaked for an hour and then boiled with lots of water for easy cooking.

Nutrients: Carbohydrate(59g), Protein(25g), Fat(1g), Fibre(0.23g), Minerals(1.90mg), Carotenes(98.50mcg), Vitamin B1(0.18mg), Vitamin B2(0.12mg), Vitamin B3(0.82mg), Folic acid(78.10mg).

Storage: Store in a clean and dry place.

Weight: 1kg

Origin: India

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Ingredient: Red lentils

Allergen: Legume

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