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TRS Urid Dal Chilka - 1kg

Black Lentils

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TRS Urid Dal Chilka - 1kg

Brand : TRS 

About the product:

This Urid Chilka Dal is the split Urid bean with a creamy white interior and the natural black husk intact. It cooks faster than the whole Urid dal. Once softened, it thickens to form a delicious, rich gravy. Dals with husk are generally considered more nutritious in India and Black Urid is rich in proteins and iron, making it the perfect energy booster in a vegetarian diet.


It can be used while frying to grind chutneys.
- Urid dal chilka can also be used to make dal makhani.

Storage: Store the dal in an airtight container, in a cool, dry place.

Health benefits

- It is a very good source of protein, vitamin B, folic acid etc.
- It also helps lower bad cholesterol.
- It contains a lot of essential minerals like copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, calcium, potassium.
- It is very nutritious and recommended for diabetics (as are other pulses).
- Urid dal is rich in dietary fibre and hence aids digestion.
- It is considered good for the skin and is often ground and used in face packs to remove dead skin, tan and to soften the skin.

Nutritional Value: Per 100gm

Energy(Kj) - 1325Kj
Energy(Kcal) - 350Kcal
Fat - 1g
Carbs - 63g
Of which sugar - 7g
Dietary Fibre - 16g
Salt - 1g

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Urid dal (Lentils)

Allergen- Lentils

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