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Natco Urid Beans - 500g

Rich source of Protein

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Natco Urid Beans - 500g

Brand : Natco

About the product:

This Urid (Urad) Dal is whole and with its natural black husk. It needs to be soaked for a few hours before use. This ensures that it cooks faster. Once softened, the Urid dal thickens to form a delicious, rich gravy. Dals with husk are generally considered more nutritious in India and Black Urid is rich in proteins and iron, making it the perfect energy booster in a vegetarian diet.

Usage: It is creamy in texture and often cooked separately or with various other dals.

Recipe: Dal Makhani
A dish from Punjab, Dal Makhani is made with Black Urid Dal (whole) and Rajma (Kidney Beans).

1. Soak the dal and Rajma for at least 4-5 hours.
2. Pressure cook with turmeric, salt for 20 minutes. This dal and Rajma combination takes longer to cook and may require repeated checking and further pressure cooking. Ensure that there is enough water in the dal to avoid it sticking and burning at the bottom of the cooker.
3. Heat oil in a pan, add jeera (cumin), garlic, ginger, chopped onions, and fry till golden brown.
4. Add garam masala and green chillies. Then put in chopped tomatoes and fry till onions and tomatoes blend well.
5. Add this to the boiled dal and garnish with cream and coriander leaves.
6. Add generous amounts of butter to the dal.

Storage: Store the dal in an airtight container, in a cool, dry place.

Health benefits
- It is a very good source of protein, vitamin B, folic acid etc.
- It also helps lower bad cholesterol.
- It contains a lot of essential minerals like copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, calcium, potassium.
- It is very nutritious and recommended for diabetics (as are other pulses).
- Urid dal is rich in dietary fibre and hence aids digestion.
- It is considered good for the skin and is often ground and used in face packs to remove dead skin, tan and to soften the skin.

Nutritional Value: Per 100 g

Energy- 1425 kJ/ 341kcal

Fat- 1.42 g

 Of which saturates- 0.36g

Fiber- 15.2g

Protein- 21.6g

Salt- 0.01g



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Urid dal(Lentils)

Allergen- Lentils

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