Adisha Wheat flour -3x5kg

For softer, tasty rotis

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Adisha Wheat Flour - 5kg

Brand: Adisha

About the Product:      

Adisha Wheat Flour - 5kg is wheat flour used extensively in the Indian and Pakistani cuisine to prepare flat breads. It is refined flour with a lot of nutrients.

- It can used to prepare staple Indian fresh flat breads - the soft, round rotis, hot butter naans, ghee-rich parathas and crispy puris, etc. 
- It is also a key ingredient in certain types of snacks (like 'Mathri') and some desserts like Atte ka Halwa (whole wheat halwa). 
- It is an ingredient in dishes like the South Indian Rava Dosa.

Basic Recipe: Making Roti: It’s simple & quick – Take the required quantity of atta and slowly add water (in small quantities) and knead well. The dough should not be too wet (you know that it is when it doesn’t stop sticking to your hands!), or made with too little water (as that will make the finished rotis dry and harden quickly). The final dough comes clean off the container that you are kneading it in. Make small balls and roll them out (coat with dry atta powder when needed). Then cook on both sides on medium-heat in a pan and watch the roti rise! Drizzle ghee on the hot roti for added flavour!

Storage: Store in a dry place away from humidity.

Health Benefits:

1. Good for bones

2. Carbohydrate Metabolism

3. Diabetic Friendly

4. Good for brain

5. Rich in Folic acid

6. Helps prevent Anemia

7. Good for Skin

Nutritional Value:

·         Energy: 459KJ / 110 Kcai - 5%

·         Total Fat: 0.5g - 1%

·         Saturated Fat: 0g - 0%

·         Trans Fat: 0g

·         Cholesterol: 0mg - 0%

·         Sodium: 0mg - 0%

·         Total Carbohydrate: 10g - 8%

·         Dietary Fiber: 3g - 12%

·         Sugars: 1g

·         Protein: 4g

·         Vitamin A: 0%

·         Vitamin C: 0%

·         Calcium: 3%


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Ingredients: Whole Wheat

Allergen: Wheat

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