Heera Soya Flour_1kg

With the goodness of Soy protein

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Heera Soya Flour_1kg

Brand: Heera

About the product:

Soya flour is a pale yellow flour made from ground chickpeas (or chana dal). It is rich in proteins, thiamin, and Vitamin B-6 and is gluten-free.

- Soya flour is used as a thickener for sauces.
- As a batter for deep fried food and snacks such as pakoras and bondas.
- It is also great for the skin when mixed with water and used topically as an exfoliant.


Store away from humidity.

 Health Benefits:

1) Reduces Cardiovascular disease risk

2) Has antiatherosclerotic effect

3) Reduces the chances of kidney disease

4) Prevention of breast cancer

Nutritional Value:

Typical Values- Average per 100g

Energy- 1866kJ/443kcal

Fat- 20g

Carbohydrate- 30g

Sugar- 7g

Protein- 36g

Fiber- 9g

Salt- 0g 

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Ingredients:- 100% Soya Flour.

Allergen- Soy

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