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TRS Ragi Flour (Red Teff Flour) - 1kg

Red Millet Flour

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TRS Ragi Flour (Red Teff Flour) - 1kg

Brand: TRS

About the product:

Ragi flour, also known as Finger Millet or Red Millet, is consumed across the world and prepared in various innovative and delicious ways. It is an important part of the daily diet for many as it is highly nutritious. 


It can be mixed with atta to prepare rotis, or added to soups, used to make ragi dosas, halwa, etc. Ragi balls and porridge are popular recipes from the South. 


Making Batter

·         Take ragi flour and besan (gram flour) in a mixing bowl or pan. You can even use rice flour or chickpea flour instead of besan. 

·         Add finely chopped onions, finely chopped ginger, chopped curry leaves, chopped green chillies, chopped coriander leaves, asafoetida, cumin seeds, grated coconut and salt as per taste. 

·         Add buttermilk and 1.5 cups water. To make the buttermilk, stir briskly ¼ cup curd with ¼ cup water. 

·         Mix very well to a thin batter. 

·         Cover and let the batter rest for 15 to 20 minutes. 

Cooking Ragi Dosa

·         Heat a tawa or a skillet on medium flame. Spread some oil on the tawa. 

·         Before pouring batter mix very well as the flours settle on the bottom of the pan. On the medium hot tawa or skillet pour the batter from outside to inside just as you do for rava dosa. Then you can gently spread the batter with the ladle.

·         Let the base cook and become crisp. Sprinkle some oil on top and spread it with a spoon. Sprinkle a few drops of oil on the sides of the dosa as well.

·         When the base is golden and crisp, turn over and cook the other side. Cook till both sides are crisp and cooked well. Make all ragi dosa this way. 

·         Serve ragi dosa hot or warm.


Store away from humidity.


Nutritional Facts Per 100gm
Energy(Kj) - 1443Kj
Energy(Kcal) - 345Kcal
Protein - 5.8g
Fat - 1.7g
Of which saturates - 0g
Carbs - 75.4g
Of which sugar - 0g
Fiber - 2g
Salt - 0g

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 Ingredients:- 100% Red Millet.Ragi Flour (Red Teff Flour)

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