Atta - Pillsbury Multigrain - 5kg

A unique blend of 7 Natural Grains

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Atta - Pillsbury Multigrain - 5kg

Brand: Pillsbury

About the product:

Multigrain atta from Pillsbury is a unique blend of 7 grains - wheat, oats, soy, raagi, barley, channa dal and maize. These are specially combined to provide all-around health benefits. It is used extensively in Indian and Pakistani cuisine to prepare flatbreads. As it provides the goodness of 7 healthy grains, it is considered highly nutritious.

- Multigrain atta can be used to prepare staple Indian fresh flatbreads - the soft, round rotis, hot butter naans, ghee-rich parathas and crispy puris, etc.
- It is also a key ingredient in certain types of snacks (like 'Mathri') and some desserts like Atte ka Halwa (whole wheat halwa).
- It is an ingredient in dishes like the South Indian Rava Dosa.

Basic Recipe: Making Parathas: Parathas can be made with any filling of your choice (the popular ones being potato/ cauliflower/ onion), or even cooked plain with salt. The paratha dough is similar to that of roti. Salt needs to be added to the parathas, either while kneading the dough, or later when rolling it out. Once the dough is ready, it is rolled into smaller balls. The ball is then flattened to include the stuffing (salt and masalas can be mixed with the filling) and sealed again. This is carefully rolled out and cooked on medium heat on both sides with ghee. Serve hot with butter, pickles and curd.


Store away from humidity.

Nutritional Value- 

(Per 100g)

Energy (kcal)                            367

Protein (g)                                14.5

Total Fat (g)                              1.9

 Of which Saturated Fat (g)      0.44

 Of which Trans Fat-                  0

Total Carbohydrate (g)             72.9

 Of which sugar (g)                   5.4

Dietary Fiber (g)                       11.25

Sodium (mg)                             2.19

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Ingredients:-  wheat, oats, soy, raagi, barley, channa dal and maize.

Allergen- Buckwheat, Chickpea

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