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Naturmed's Copper Jug- 1500ml

Lustrous jug

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Naturmed's Copper Jug- 1500ml

Brand: Naturmed's 

About the product: Many Indians still follow the ancient tradition of drinking water in a copper utensil in the morning as it has many benefits. According to Ayurveda, the copper utensil energizes the water and cleanses it of bacteria and the water stored in it absorbs the copper which is vital for the body.  
Fill the cup with water in the evening, leave it to stand overnight, and drink the water the next morning. From a scientific point of view, the water has absorbed pure copper, a mineral which in this form is essential for the body. 
It is said that the water stored in a Copper Cup doesn’t get stale and can be stored for longer periods. 

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100% copper

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