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TRS Ganz Grüne Erbsen - 500g

Green lentils

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TRS Whole Green peas - 500g

Brand- TRS

About the product- TRS Whole Peas Green retains their shape after being cooked and adds texture to the dishes.

The green lentils are known to compliment many dishes.

Uses- The green peas are mostly used in the preparation of salads and soup.

Storage: Store peas in an airtight container, in a cool, dry place.

Health Benefits

-They're Filling and an Excellent Source of Protein

- They Support Healthy Blood Sugar Control

- The Fiber in Peas May Benefit Digestion

- May Be Protective Against Some Chronic Diseases 

Nutritional Value- Per 100gm

Energy(Kcal) - 62Kcal

Fat - 0.2g

Carbs - 1g

Protein - 4.1g

Sugar - 3.5g

Fiber - 3.6g

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Green peas

Allergen- Legume

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