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TRS Wachtel Bohnen (Rosecoco Beans) - 500g

Crab's Eye Beans

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TRS Rosecoco Beans - 500g

Brand: TRS

About the product:

TRS Rosecoco Beans are also known as Borlotti Beans and are often used in Italian and Indian cooking. Like Rajma, they are kidney-shaped but in a lighter pink with dark reddish spots. They have a rich, creamy texture.

Storage: Store the Rosecoco Beans in an airtight container, in a cool, dry place.

Nutritional Value per 100gm

Calories/Energy - 1120kJ/260kcal

Fat - 2.7g

of which saturates - 0g

Carbohydrates - 46g

of which sugars - 3.5g

Fibre - 12.5g

Protein - 21g

Salt - 0g

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Rosecoco Bohnen (Linsen)

Allergen- Legume

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