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Tiger Balm - 18g

 Pain relieving ointment

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Tiger Balm - 18g

Brand: Tiger Balm

About the product: Thousands of years ago, the healing powers of nature were already known to be used effectively in the Far East. To this day, the effect of our medicine TIGER BALM RED N is based on a traditional recipe that combines the special effect of four herbal ingredients: camphor, cajeput, peppermint and levomenthol. In case of tension or pain in the back, muscles and joints, these medicinal plants promote blood circulation to the skin. Our tip: Apply an approximately pea-sized amount of TIGER BALM RED N to the painful area and massage in. In this way, the affected muscles and joints are better supplied with blood, the tension is noticeably released.

Storage: Store it in a cool, dry place

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Ingredients: 10 g ointment contains:

Active ingredients:
Camphor rac. 1.1 g
Levomenthol 1.0 g
Cajeput oil 0.7 g
Peppermint oil 0.6 g
Other ingredients:
Hard paraffin, yellow vaseline, clove oil, reaction product from chin. Cinnamon oil and ammonia solution 10%. Contains rac. Camphor, levomethol, cajeput oil and peppermint oil. Please read the package leaflet!

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