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Patanjali Amla Chatpata Candy - 500g (BBE : 26.10.2022)

Tickle your taste buds

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Patanjali Amla Candy - 500g

Brand: Patanjali

About the product: Patanjali Amla Chatpata Candy product has the benefits of Amla with a different taste which tickles your taste buds. Amla chatpata candy has amla which helps in maintaining good health and is helpful in various diseases. Amla chatpata candy is a rich source of vitamin C. Candy from Patanjali is another additional good thing since it is a brand that offers products typically based on Ayurvedic principles.

Storage: Store it in a cool, dry place.

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Ingredients: Amla (Emblica Officinalis) 65g,

Sugar 15.598g,

Kala Namak 4.166g

Amchur 3.125g,

Sendha Namak 2.500g,

Pippali Chhoti 1.664g,

Kali Mirch 1.664 g,

Nausadar 1.041g,

Kala Jeera 0.832g,

Jeera 0.832g,

Lavang 0.832g,

Saunth 0.416g,

Nimbu 0.416g,

Pudina 0.416g,

Javitri 0.416g,

Dalchini 0.312g,

Ajwain 0.312g,

Hing 0.250g,


Mixed Spices, 

Iodized Salt, 

Black Salt

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